Introducing Gnome Naturals

Introducing Gnome Naturals

We are excited to announce that Soap Gnome is now Gnome Naturals - a complete, all natural, handmade skin, hair, and body care product line made exclusively with healthy, non-toxic ingredients. 

Over the years, our customers have asked us to expand beyond bar soap, so we began exploring into liquid soaps. This blossomed into a collection we call Ohm Gnome, plant-based, non-toxic liquid soaps, bath salts, bubble baths, body washes, and face scrubs that are so amazing, we simply named them after the chant we uttered over and over during research and testing. 

Inspired at the idea of total non-toxic skincare, we also handcrafted a line of moisturizing lotions, from lightweight, daily-use protection to deeply moisturizing creams, we call this family the Nourishing Gnome collection. 

Our Guardian Gnome collection is one of our favorites - a line of healing salves and non-toxic screens, repellents, and cleaners that are actually safe and effective for protecting your skin and body. Our recipes from this collection were curated from century-old remedies, back in time before toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients were even an option as ingredients for skin and body care. 

Thinking of protecting one's body, we're so excited by our new Gnomeo lip balm line. A truly safe, non-toxic, natural lip balm made from all organic, plant-based ingredients. Next time you go to bite into your favorite sandwich, you want have to worry about what else you're unintentionally ingesting! 

Our collection didn't feel complete without hair care, so we're proud to introduce Knotty Gnome - an all-natural, SLS and SLE free, non-toxic hair care line. And for men, we've begun developing an exclusive line, Noble Gnome, which we plan on adding more products to over this next year, expanding beyond shampoo and conditioner into beard balms and facial care.

Of course, Soap Gnome now holds title as the OG (original gnome), and will remain the same, just surrounded by a wider variety of products to help you detoxify your health and beauty routine.  

In the upcoming months, aside from a few new product releases, we're also planning to release a subscription billing option, so you'll never find yourself out of your favorite Gnome Naturals product. In addition, we'll be launching an interactive product builder, allowing you to create your own custom blends for lotions, soaps, salves, and even lip balms. For those with specific allergies, or skin sensitivities, you'll finally have an option to create your perfect skin mate.

We are so grateful for all the support received along the way, and hope you'll enjoy the next collection as much as we do!


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