About us

We started out on a mission: to create better soap. Soap free of harsh chemicals. Soap intended to heal, nourish and protect skin, naturally. Soap that was healthy for our body and planet. Soap crafted with love. 

Those ingredients blossomed into Soap Gnome, an independent soap manufacturing company dedicated to the craft of producing environmentally-friendly handmade artisan soap produced with the highest quality, natural ingredients. We started sharing our passion with the world in 2014. You can read more about our roots here

Over the years, our customers encouraged us to expand into new product categories. So we began experimenting. We challenged ourselves to evaluate our health and beauty routines, and find safe, non-toxic, all natural replacement solutions for our every day products. These products turned into Gnome Naturals - all-natural, plant-based, non-toxic, cruelty-free, healthy, happy skincare products handcrafted in small batches delivered fresh to your door.  

Today, we are an independent, women-owned and operated manufacturer from the pacific northwest. We operate in a nearly net-zero manufacturing facility on a sustainable farm in Vancouver, WA. We continue to make our own line of skincare products including soaps and healing balms made from the highest quality ingredients and responsible of suppliers. We also began partnering with like-minded independent makers and offer a curated collection of healthy, ethical home goods.

We are inspired by the art of conscious making, and take great pride in creating and curating safe, non-toxic healthy products for the mind, body, garden, and soul. 

Happy Skin Care: All Gnome Naturals products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. We source organic and local wherever possible, and work with responsible partners who operate sustainably across their supply chains. 

Happy Ingredients: We handcraft small batches infused with the highest quality essential oils, plant leaves, oils and seeds. There’s no artificial colors, harsh detergents, or synthetic fragrances - only plant-derived oils and scents. We design all our products for sensitive skin, so they're gentle enough for all ages and skin types.

Happy Planet: Gnome Naturals products live in harmony with Mother Nature. Their non-toxic, healthy ingredients are safe for our skin and environment.

We believe all skin care should be healthy. We believe nature produces better ingredients than a science lab. We believe anything that touches skin or water should be safe, non-toxic and cruelty free. We believe all companies should strive to minimize their impact on the environment. And we believe we should always strive for better.

Handcrafted in the great pacific northwest. We are constantly looking for inspiration to help our customers live happier, healthier lives. If you'd like to share an idea, we'd love to hear about it! Please drop us a note.