Life, Liberty & Beer (Soap)

Life, Liberty & Beer (Soap)

We are so excited to salute to our new fav – beer! Okay, okay, yeah, beer has long been enjoyed by several of our tribe for quite some time, but not until recently did we decide to combine our love, and create a unique celebratory brew for the skin.

Okay, so the number we get asked: beer, really? Yes, beer, really! First and foremost, beer contains polyphenols, which serve as an antibacterial agent. That’s a great way to start for a soap base. Sediments from the brewing process come together to produce a full vat of natural vitamins and minerals including riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and lots of B vitamins. And it’s blend of hops and other yummy ingredients soothe and nourish skin.

We decided to include beer soap in our garden variety as it was not only super fun to test during R&D, but also serves as a great, natural specialty cleansing experience. Our first foray into beer soap was our little craft, Portlandia. Paying homage to our Pacific Northwest roots, we blended this batch from local organic porter beer, and even added some organic coffee beans to produce a truly unique bathing experience. Creates a great little gift too!


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